Friday, July 11, 2008

Mermaid Wings Shawl

mermaid wings shawl

3 skeins Enchanted Knoll Superwash Sock yarn (2 in Queen Mermaid, 1 in Mermaid)

Size F crochet hook.
Shawl measures 72” wide and 30” deep at center

Stitch pattern: urchin stitch from The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred Graves Ryan

Begin with foundation chain in an even number of stitches
Row 1: Chain 1 Repeat the following to end *skip 1 stitch, in next stich, take 1 single crochet, 2 chains and one single crochet.
Row 2: follow directions for first row, inserting hook in chain 2 space of previous row for pattern stitches
Repeat Row 2 until work is completed.

Increasing Urchin stitch: at increase points, make 2 urchin sts in the chain 2 space

Dc= double crochet

1. Chain 4, join
2. Dc 7 into a ½ circle in the ring
3. Dc 2 times in each stitch (14 sts)
4. Dc once in each st.
Continue rows 3 and 4 with the increases in dc’s being extended by 1 every round. For instance, row 5 would be dc 2 times in 1st st, dc 1 time in next st – repeat to end. Row 7 would be dc 2 times in 1st stitch, dc 1 time in each of the next 2 sts, repeat to end.

At 104 sts, place a stitch marker ( I used a tied on strand of contrasted yarn loosely hitched so it could be removed later) every 13 sts (8 mkrs total). This is where you will increase every other round in urchin stitch. Also, inc in the 1st and last sts on that round, making a semi-circle, winged shape to the shawl.

After crocheting urchin stitch for 7 “ (unstretched), place marker 5 sts into row and 5 sts before end of row. This is now another increase point which will give your shawl even more flair and wing shaping. Optional color change : At this point, I changed to a matching but slightly varied patterning yarn for a border effect. You can continue in your same color if you like – or try adding beads every increase point to have a dazzling border!

Continue to crochet 5-7 more inches, weave in ends and block. This shawl measured 72” across and 30” deep at the center.


Blogger mad angel said...

That's beautiful, Josette! Nicely done. And the field of mulleins is an exquisite. I loooooove mulleins!

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